The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats

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Mod Features: Much money

App Description

Mod Features: Much moneyIn this world, there are such completely different animals: one is the dog, who are friendly, loyal, honest and honest, and the other is the cat, who is strange, arrogant and independent. Now, there is good news for those who love the cats. The latest tower defense game The Battle Cats has been advancing, subverting the traditional image of cats and setting off a trend of cute and warm cats. Game Highlights The story background of The Battle Cats was set in 2012. The United States launched a secret plan to awaken Japan's economic downturn, political unbelief, and increasingly weakened Japan from a life that is too easy, so they coded it as "Battle Cat". The weapons were sent to Japan. Therefore, on New Year’s Eve in 2012, the cat army appeared. The wolf was angry, ruthless, fragmented, kind, barbecued, and love dancers... their offensive force was unstoppable, and the Japanese islands were blood red. All you have to do is to lead all kinds of violent cats to sell cute and occupy District 11! Featured Gameplay At the beginning of the battle, you only have a normal cat, and soon you will have a tank cat and a disgusting cat with long legs. What kind of cats in the shape of grass mud horses, flying cats, and cats that run around on land without belching are all appearing! Oh, yes, there will be weird tight cats and cats. The Queen Meow is here! These two are definitely a perfect SM pair (Yes, that's right, that’s the shape)! When we can’t beat the enemy’s various stars and horses, we can still call the Meow to heaven. God help! The selling point of the game is to see a group of violent cats selling cute!
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Developer Ponos Corporation
Category games
Requirement Android 4.4 (KITKAT)

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