Sushi Bar Idle

Sushi Bar Idle

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Mod Features: Mod MoneyCoins increase when spent!

App Description

Mod Features: Mod MoneyCoins increase when spent!Sushi Bar Idle Mod (mod money) is a 2D cartoon-style, business simulation game with a Japanese sushi restaurant. In the game, players have their own Japanese restaurant, you can develop your own recipes, expand the scale of operation, as long as you can make money, you can expand faster. What is Sushi Bar Idle? Sushi Bar Idle (mod money) is an interesting simulation business development casual game. Players operate their own characters to start their own restaurant. This is a Japanese restaurant. All the food is sushi and dishes and sashimi. Nutrient-rich food is placed in front of you, have you interested in this game? Every process of making can bring you a sweet taste and make your sushi look better. All craftsmanship levels need to keep the environment hygienic and clean, so that customers can feel so relieved. The whole process is done by yourself, so that you can feel the joy of life brought by the production. Highlight of Sushi Bar Idle Manage this sushi restaurant with reasonable time allocation, sushi was originally a Japanese cuisine. But now our fast-paced life rhythm, delicious dishes of sushi are also filling our lives, and here as the boss. You need to recruit or upgrade the chef, the famous sushi chef will bring more profitable growth to your restaurant operation. At the same time improve the restaurant's decoration and decoration, increase customer occupancy rate, improve the conveyor belt efficiency of rotary sushi. A restaurant game about placement simulation is so simple.If you like to play 2D cartoon games of the simulation business type, then this Sushi Bar Idle is not bad. The game has a relatively simple picture, but the picture quality is still quite fine. The gameplay is similar to most simulated restaurants. If you are interested in Japanese cuisine, download it.
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Developer Green Panda Games
Category games
Requirement Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)

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