Conquer the World in the Strategy Game Conquer the World in the Strategy Game

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Mod Features: Free advertising is a casual real-time strategy free game launched by the game company CASUAL AZUR GAMES with the theme of conquering the world. Players use their limited resources in the game to use various tactical layouts to launch fierce tactical confrontations with the enemy, and gradually achieve the goal of dominating the world by occupying various regions. Game Highlights is a simple and fun real-time strategy casual mobile game. The complicated gameplay has been simplified into a single digital confrontation. Players need to engage in fierce tactical and strategic confrontations with the enemy in the level, and use their limited forces to destroy the enemy. Occupy all territories in the level. Real-time combat power, coupled with a grand strategic layout, will be an important part of winning the game. Players must not only learn to concentrate their forces on key breakthroughs, but also make effective arrangements for long-term development. Featured Gameplay The operation of is very simple. Players only need to click on the area where there are troops and then slide to the area that they want to occupy, and the troops will take the initiative to attack and occupy the new area. The game uses a real world map as the background, and the initial level is based on the real map of the United States. Players feel as if they are experiencing a classic Civil War. As time goes by, the area occupied by the player will continue to generate more troops to provide for external conquests, and the final development of the situation requires the player to occupy all the areas within the level, then they can pass the level and start a new journey.
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Developer Airion Games
Category games
Requirement Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)

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