Score Hero 2

Score Hero 2

Size:389.84MB, Version:1.04

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Mod Features: Modifying using money does not reduce, infinite physical strength!

App Description

Mod Features: Modifying using money does not reduce, infinite physical strength!Score! Hero 2 is a football casual game launched by the famous game manufacturer First Touch Games Ltd.. This game is a sequel to the popular game Score! Hero. The gameplay of these two games is very similar. The similarities include level settings and gameplay settings. But Score! Hero 2 is a big upgrade on the first product. The first is that the picture quality has become better. The game is a very high-quality 3D game. Secondly, in the new work, the player's degree of freedom has become higher, and the game's fault tolerance rate has been improved. In other words, the player If there is no goal, it can be remedied, and there is no need to start over immediately. Game Highlights Score! Hero 2 is a new and exciting story based on the previous game. Players can follow their heroes and embark on a football career! In the game, players can shoot amazing goals, pick out deadly passes, and kick the goal all the way with the screams of the audience! The game has more than 90 officially authorized teams from the world's top leagues! Players can sign a team at will. The game uses a new infinite hero mode, and how far the player’s career will go is completely determined by the player. Featured Gameplay The gameplay of Score! Hero 2 is very similar to that of the predecessor Score! Hero. The purpose of the game is to help your players plan their goals and help them score goals smoothly. Although the gameplay of this game is inherited from the previous one This game is more comfortable to play, but the game is more comfortable to play. 3d players feel very comfortable. The game has also been upgraded with ai, which means that each player can score goals according to his own situation at the time. Not every player is in The way to score goals in the same level is exactly the same, which greatly improves the playability of the game.
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Developer First Touch Games Ltd
Category games
Requirement Android 8.0

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