Ronin The Last Samurai

Ronin The Last Samurai

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Mod Features: MOD MenuRonin: The Last Samurai is an ink-and-ink style samurai duel action game launched by game developer Dreammotion Inc. The graphic of the game uses ink-and-wash style, which looks very artistic. The game is based on Japanese samurai duel as the background and also uses Japanese as the background The official voice of the game. This game has very high requirements for the player's operation. The player must not only defend the opponent's attack, but also solve the opponent in the shortest possible time. Game Highlights Ronin: The Last Samurai game is very similar to most ink-style dueling games. This game is very similar to the Shawdow Fighters series. But there are some differences. This game will have a samurai challenge multiple samurai gameplay. Not all of them are 1v1 mode. In the game, players can resist the opponent's attack without losing blood. Players need to attack the opponent at the right opportunity to prevent the opponent from suddenly attacking. This game requires very high operation requirements for the player, and players who like challenges Will slowly like this game. Featured Gameplay Ronin: The Last Samurai gameplay rules are relatively simple. Players need to eliminate wave after wave of samurai, and then pass levels to get corresponding experience points and monetary rewards. In this game, it is not easy to pass levels, each level has many waves The samurai, and then another boss. The weapons held by each samurai are different, some with swords, some with knives, some with spears, and some with guns. The pace of the game is relatively slow, allowing players Have time to react. Players can use money to upgrade weapons in the game.
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Developer Dreamotion Inc
Category games
Requirement Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)

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