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App Description

Plunger Hero is a fun casual free game with the theme of killing balloon guys launched by the famous game publisher Voodoo. In the game, the player holds a powerful sucker bow and crossbow, aims at the balloon man who poses a threat to him, shoots the sucker to suck it and pulls it back to hit the balloon man, winning the game and passing various levels. In the game, players will face the challenge of balloon people from various terrains and different painting styles. Game Highlights Plunger Hero is a casual mobile game with a novel theme and innovative gameplay. The game itself has many similarities with the action game Archer Hero 3D launched by Voodoo last August. The biggest difference between the two is that players use different weapons. Archer Hero 3D uses bows and arrows, while Plunger Hero uses suction cups. In view of the characteristics of the weapon, Voodoo has also made targeted modifications to the enemy. It has been adjusted from a strangely shaped ordinary human to a balloon man composed of multiple balloons of different sizes, which is more likely to be scattered after being shot by a sucker and drawn away. , So as to form a comfortable effect. Of course, the over 10 million installations of Archer Hero 3D can also be regarded as one of the reasons for the establishment of Plunger Hero. Featured Gameplay The gameplay of "Plunger Hero" is simple and interesting. In the game, players need to control only 2 actions. Click on the balloon on the enemy body to shoot the suction cup, slide the screen to retract the suction cup, wait for the enemy body to collapse naturally, and then proceed to the level. The next scene. If you didn't shoot the balloon person in the head, it may take multiple steps to disintegrate.
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Developer Sophie Ghzed
Category games
Requirement Android 4.4 (KITKAT)

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