MaskGun Multiplayer FPS Free Shooting Game

MaskGun Multiplayer FPS Free Shooting Game

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Mod Features: Mod Menu(Not Joking)

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Mod Features: Mod Menu(Not Joking)MaskGun is a first-person multiplayer online shooting mobile game launched by June Gaming. The biggest difference between this game and other similar FSP mobile games is the unique mask decoration system. As a popular game type nowadays, the FPS mobile game MaskGun has the same novice guidance function as competing products; in terms of game play, the three most basic modes of deathmatch mode, team mode and bomb disposal mode are also compatible. The game map also contains many scenes and areas such as courtyards, hotels, ghost towns and lighthouses. After unlocking various tasks and achievements in "MaskGun", you can also get quick upgrade rewards. The setting of the same server globally also provides players with a broad battlefield. Game Highlights Of course, the most amazing thing about MaskGun is its unique mask system. Players can use a variety of funny masks in the game, whether it is a normal motorcycle helmet, or a domineering horn fight, and various painting styles. The skulls and even some animal-themed monster masks add extra fun to the players’ gaming entertainment. Featured Gameplay In addition to the mask system, MaskGun also uses its own game engine development, which has excellent performance even on low-profile phones. Of course, this is also related to the game only supporting 5V5 at most. If you are an iron-blooded player keen on FPS, if you are obsessed with hideous masks, and if you are particularly obsessed with hot-blooded games that are simple to operate and easy to use, then this "MaskGun" will definitely be your best choice. Violent, bloody, and evil masks all add extra fun to this alternative FPS game.
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Developer June Gaming
Category games
Requirement Android 4.4 (KITKAT)

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