Make It Fly

Make It Fly

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Mod Features: Use enough currency without adding anti-increase

App Description

Mod Features: Use enough currency without adding anti-increaseMake It Fly! is a casual game launched by the developer TapNice. The gameplay is quite special. Players need to assemble their own aircraft first. Then eject the aircraft through a rubber band. Players need to master the ejection force, not too strong, nor too weak. Because the goal of the game is to send the aircraft to the designated area, the game can pass the level. This game is both very casual and very creative. Can bring a lot of fun to players. Game Highlights The feature of the Make It Fly! game is the innovative gameplay of this game. The gameplay of this game is too the same as most casual games. The game first requires players to assemble the aircraft, and then needs to master the force and angle of the rubber band ejection aircraft. The purpose of the game is to send the aircraft to the designated area. On the way, this game sets some obstacles to increase the difficulty and fun of the game. The game also spends a lot of effort on the shape of the aircraft and the setting of the scene. This Another feature of the game is that even if the player fails in a certain level, they can still get gold coins. Featured Gameplay The gameplay of Make It Fly! The gameplay is quite unique. Players need to complete the task in several steps. The first is to assemble the aircraft. Assembling the aircraft is very simple. Players only need to install the corresponding parts to the corresponding positions according to the instructions. Go through the level to unlock and obtain. The second step, the player needs to control the force of the rubber band and the route of the aircraft. This process is relatively difficult, even if it fails, it does not matter. The player can adjust at any time until the correct force and angle are adjusted.
APK Info
Developer Tapnice
Category games
Requirement Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)

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