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Mod Features: Gold coin use strong

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Mod Features: Gold coin use strongLumbercraft is a logging-themed war simulation game launched by the famous game company VOODOO. The game brings together elements such as collection, management, tower defense, etc. It is a fun casual mobile game that brings together many gameplays. Concise graphics, simple operations, and simple gameplay provide players with an easy-to-go casual mobile game. Game Highlights In Lumbercraft, players collect resources to build their own town by logging wood. All buildings in the town need wood resources to build. After completing the basic building, players can sell the collected wood to obtain gold coins for the development of the town. Resources. In order to better collect wood and gold coins, players also need to go to the areas where enemies gather, build aggressive arrow towers, kill enemies, earn gold coins, and obtain resources for town development. Featured Gameplay Lumbercraft's gameplay is similar to the mode of dungeon exploration. The scene in the game is mainly divided into two parts, a town with various logistics functions and a dark dungeon with various logistical functions. Players can sell wood in the town to exchange for gold coins, and use gold coins to upgrade arrow towers. The offensive and defensive ability of the dungeon is used to kill the enemies in the dungeon, and gold coins can also be used to increase the damage and defense power of the lumberjack, enhance the lumberjack's survivability in the dungeon, and earn more gold coins.
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Developer Voodoo
Category games
Requirement Android 4.4 (KITKAT)

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