Impostor vs Craftsman

Impostor vs Craftsman

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Mod Features: Unlock all pets, weapons and skin

App Description

Mod Features: Unlock all pets, weapons and skinImpostor vs Craftsman is a pixel-style puzzle free mobile game launched by the game company OneSoft Giobal PTE.LTD. The player plays a killer in the game, kills him before other characters discover their evil actions, and quickly kills all characters in each level to pass the level. The pixel art style that resembles minecraft, the popular Among Us character modeling and simple and fun puzzle gameplay make this piece of the game work. Game Highlights Impostor vs Craftsman as mentioned by the author above, it can be described as a combination of some classic and popular elements. The art style of the game comes from Minecraft, which is popular all over the world, with a completely pixelated style, which fully meets the needs of users of all ages; in the design of the enemy, it directly draws on the popular space werewolf killings at home and abroad since last year. The theme is a free mobile game Among Us. As for the core gameplay of the game, it adopts a fun and educational killing method. Players need to consider some objective reasons in the level, and act quickly when killing other characters, while avoiding being The character discovers that, while killing all the characters, he can pass the current level. Featured Gameplay The gameplay of Impostor vs Craftsman is simple but complicated. The simplicity is that all operations of the player can be guided. All the player needs to do is to follow the guidance in the game and click on the icon on the character or object; while the complexity is complicated in the flow of the game , Whether it is to kill characters or use items, you need to follow a certain order, otherwise it will be discovered by other characters and directly cause the level to fail.
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Developer Onesoft Global Pte Ltd
Category games
Requirement Android 4.4 (KITKAT)

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