Impostor 3D Hide and Seek

Impostor 3D Hide and Seek

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Mod Features: Plenty of currency

App Description

Mod Features: Plenty of currencyImpostor 3D-Hide and Seek is another casual game in Among Us style. The theme of this game is hide and seek. In the game, players can choose to become Impostor or Survivor. When players choose different identities, the gameplay and purpose of the game are different. This game still uses the Among Us artistic style, but the gameplay is completely different. Game Highlights Impostor 3D-Hide and Seek This game is a casual game with a simple play method. The main gameplay is the classic game hide and seek. But this game adopts the style of the popular game Among Us. And this game also adds a small part of Among Us gameplay. That is, the hiding player can kill the single seeker. This function is very similar to the role played by the Impostor of Among Us. This is a casual game, but it has a certain connection with the game Among Us. Maybe the purpose is to have more players in the game. Featured Gameplay The gameplay of Impostor 3D-Hide and Seek is very simple. Players can play Impostor as a hider. The purpose of the hider is to try not to be discovered by the seeker and kill them as much as possible when the seeker is placed. Players can also play as Survivor, the purpose is to find them when Impostor appears. The difficulty of this game is relatively large, and it is easy to fail. So players need to practice as much as possible.
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Developer Sifo Dyas
Category games
Requirement Android 4.4 (KITKAT)

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