Icing On The Dress

Icing On The Dress

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Mod Features: Playing this game is simply a snatch!

App Description

Mod Features: Playing this game is simply a snatch!Icing On The Dress is a simulation experience free mobile game launched by Lion Studio, a well-known game company. In the game, the player plays a highly skilled cake master and creates countless beautiful dresses for the cute cake girls. With the help of various cream patterns in different shapes, draw the perfect costumes for each different cake lady. Game Highlights At first glance, Icing On The Dress is a game that provides dress up for all kinds of young ladies, but in fact it is a simulated mobile game that allows players to experience cake decorating. In each level, there are chic and beautiful dresses waiting for players to make. Players need to use knives to cut the cake into corresponding shapes, and then create stunning and unique dresses for the distinctive cake ladies through different colors of cream decoration. Realistic physical effects, rich decorative effects, and star-like visual effects, and a relaxing and fun experience make Icing On The Dress a fun casual game that can be accepted by a wide range of ages. Featured Gameplay The gameplay of Icing On The Dress is easy to start and has a very low barrier to entry. As a free mobile game with a simulated experience type, it provides a richer operating experience as a player, from cake cutting to dress decoration, from color selection When it comes to the making of flowers, players can customize various cream dresses of different colors and shapes for the cake ladies according to their own mood, so that the cake ladies wear a dress that looks like a perfect wedding dress, showing exquisiteness Visual effects.
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Developer Zgamejc
Category games
Requirement Android 4.4 (KITKAT)

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