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Ice Man 3D

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Mod Features: You can get rewards without watching advertising.

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Mod Features: You can get rewards without watching advertising.Ice Man 3D is a super-powered action casual free mobile game launched by the foreign game company Darktide Games. In the game, players are transformed into superman characters with two superpowers, ice and fire, and use the power of freezing and shooting to kill the enemy, and pass various difficult levels to destroy the enemy in the bud. With novel themes, funny operations, simple gameplay, and brand-new experience, players can enjoy the fun and pleasure of superheroes in the game. Game Highlights As a member of the most popular action casual mobile game recently, Ice Man 3D has many similarities and similarities with recent popular games, the same game perspective, similar story background, almost identical core gameplay and differentiated game experience. Bring players a completely different game enjoyment. Each game uses a first-person perspective, and is built with a wider scene to create a very in-depth game level, although the enemies in the game have their own characteristics, or robots, stickmen, or gangs , But they can’t escape the end of being directly killed by the enemy. The real biggest difference is that each game has unique physical attributes. The Iceman 3D introduced to you today uses the freezing effect in super powers as The main weapon allows players to get a brand new gaming experience. Featured Gameplay The gameplay of Ice Man 3D is slightly different from other competing products. Unlike those with direct offensive gameplay, the main weapon in the game is freezing gas, and freezing gas can only freeze the enemy and block the enemy’s actions, so Another step is needed to kill an enemy, and that is the shooting of a gun, so for every enemy killed in Ice Man 3D, the player has to take two different steps. However, the visual effect of Ice Man 3D is still relatively soft compared to the visual impact brought by other attack methods.
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Developer Darktide Games
Category games
Requirement Android 4.4 (KITKAT)

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