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Mod Features: Mod MoneyHunter Assassin 2 is an assassin-themed action puzzle game launched by Ruby Game Studio. The user plays an assassin assassin in the game, and kills the patrol in each level without being discovered, and finally becomes the most powerful assassin assassin. This game is the sequel of Hunter Assassin, the gameplay is similar to the first one but the content is more abundant. Game Highlights The story of Hunter Assassin 2 takes place in a virtual world. Whether it is the game scene or the shape of the enemy, there is a strong World War II color. The realistic physics engine, extremely high degree of freedom, and brand new game modes are all for users. Powerful attraction; players can even start a confrontation with the enemy that relies solely on real skills like a cowboy. Featured Gameplay The gameplay of Hunter Assassin 2 combines action and puzzle solving. The user needs to control the assassin to walk quietly behind the enemy and kill the enemy. The sight of every enemy in the game is shown. The user-controlled assassin needs to avoid the enemy’s sight and go around behind the enemy to give the enemy a fatal blow. At the same time, he must avoid other enemies to patrol because of the noise. Crisis. Although the gameplay adopts the type of action, the elements of solving puzzles are flooded with it at any time.
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