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Hit Master 3D

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Mod Features: A lot of money / no advertising

App Description

Mod Features: A lot of money / no advertisingHit Master 3D is a free mobile game with deadly flying knife theme launched by game company Casual Azur Games. Players play the role of a master of flying knives with superb skills in the game, face the siege of a large number of enemies, defeat the enemy by throwing knives, save the hostages, and become a true hero. Funny shapes, magical gameplay, bright graphics, and interesting experience bring players a refreshing sense of pleasure. Game Highlights The biggest highlight of Hit Master 3D is the simple and refreshing pleasure of pointing where to play. As a fun and funny action casual mobile game, it provides a wealth of game content as players play masters and shuttles in a variety of different scenarios. Cleverly kill all kinds of enemies, rescue all the hostages in the level, rescue them to the helicopter, and finally become a real game hero. The game also provides many interactive props, such as explosive barrels, wooden boxes and other props, or provide players with higher killing efficiency, or reduce the enemy's speed, so that players can gain more time. Featured Gameplay The gameplay of Hit Master 3D can be said to be extremely refreshing, click on the enemy to fly out the knife, click where to fly, 100% hits, extremely easy. Players can use continuous headshots or cut off limbs to launch various types of attacks on enemies according to their preferences. Only when the enemy is killed can you win, otherwise the player will be surrounded and suppressed by various enemies rushing forward.
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Developer Sifo Dyas
Category games
Requirement Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)

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