High Heels

High Heels

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Modified Description

Mod Features: Wall! The higher the heel, the easier it is to escape from the wall.

App Description

Mod Features: Wall! The higher the heel, the easier it is to escape from the wall.High Heels! is a free mobile game launched by the game company Rollic Games. Players play the role of a fashion model wearing high heels in the game, shuttle through the show in various environments and atmospheres, use the collected high heels to traverse obstacles, and arrive at the bottom to show the guests a visual feast of fashion and avant-garde. Familiar scenes, rich actions, and simple operations bring players a brand-new gaming experience. Game Highlights High Heels! is very similar to the once-popular action casual mobile game Roolf Rails, both in gameplay and on the screen. There are similarities in many aspects such as character modeling, scene building, level obstacles, gameplay, etc. The biggest difference between the two is that players use different props in the game. The former is to wear high heels to pass the level, while the latter uses Roller skating shows strength. Not only that, High Heels! also provides players with in-level development functions to further enhance the fun of the game. Featured Gameplay The gameplay of Roolf Rails adopts the setting of sliding the screen left and right. In each level, the player will hold the stick to move forward. In the process of moving forward, they will encounter many circular saws that try to cut the sticks. Collect various sticks of different lengths to increase the length of your sticks, and there are many benefits waiting for players to collect. When the player reaches the bottom of the game, the longer the length of the sticks collected, the higher the rewards will be obtained, so as to purchase various character skins, stick appearances and other funny elements.
APK Info
Developer Rollic Games
Category games
Requirement Android 4.4 (KITKAT)

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