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Hair Challenge

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App Description

Hair Challenge is a long-haired princess-themed action parkour casual free mobile game launched by Rollic Games. Players play the role of a princess with long hair cut off in the game, collect hair through various obstacles, and get a long show before the level. To get higher game points. The level provides a variety of hair colors, sexy and glamorous clothing styles, and swaying parkour moves. The award has become a strong contender for the recent popular parkour mobile game. Game Highlights Hair Challenge, as one of the most popular level parkour mobile games recently, uses female characters as a selling point, integrates the theme of Rapunzel into the game, and sets the level of development on the princess’s hair to help the princess continue It promotes the growth of hair, faces various obstacles such as gears and traps, and breaks through numerous difficulties. At the end, the length of the hair is used as the final judgment criterion for earning points. With the involvement of more and more level parkour mobile games, a series of characters with various shapes as a selling point has been formed. Various exotic levels have become a feature. Through the colorful obstacle design, and the bottom of the The level parkour game mode based on the point calculation method is becoming more and more intense. Featured Gameplay The gameplay of Hair Challenge is fun and simple, that is, controlling Rapunzel to avoid various traps while collecting as many hairs of the same color as possible, so that the length of the hair will gradually grow, and finally get a higher multiple in the end. integral. In addition to collecting hair, players also need to pay attention to avoiding powerful gears in the level to prevent a hair from being cut off, thereby reducing the points earned. In addition to the common road collection, the level also provides a fantastic game experience.
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Developer Rollic Games
Category games
Requirement Android 4.4 (KITKAT)

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