Evil Nun 2 Stealth Scary Escape Game Adventure

Evil Nun 2 Stealth Scary Escape Game Adventure

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Mod Features: Without advertising / mod menuEvil Nun 2: Stealth Scary Escape Game Adventure is a very exciting horror game. The game is launched by the game developer Keplerians Horror Games. Evil Nun 2 is the sequel to the game Evil Nun. Evil Nun is a horror game that is popular among players As a sequel to this game, Evil Nun 2 has more exciting gameplay, richer content, and more terrifying to play. The game retains the evil nun, and adds more monsters. The game's missions have also increased a lot. Evil Nun 2 It is a horror game that can be played for many hours. Of course, this game is definitely not suitable for young children. Game Highlights Evil Nun 2 is really horrible to play. The gameplay inherits the first one. Players need to find children and rescue them. But Evil Nun 2 adds a lot of new elements. There are not only evil nuns in the game, but also There are monsters raised by nuns. The task of the game has become more complicated. This is more challenging. Evil Nun 2 is a horror game that is very gamey in terms of graphics, background music and gameplay. It is very suitable for older people to play, not suitable for children to play. If you are a fan of horror games, this game is worth playing. Featured Gameplay The gameplay of Evil Nun 2 is slightly different from other horror games. Most of the other horror games are to escape from the house within the specified time. The gameplay of this game is exactly the same as the first one. In the game, the player must find the child and rescue the child. Out of the monastery. The game is divided into multiple modes, ghost, easy, normal and hard. The difficulty of each mode is different. The ghost mode is the simplest, the evil nuns and monsters can’t see the player, all can be easily passed, just find the corresponding The clues and tasks can be completed. This game allows players to freely choose the difficulty of the game, and players can play freely.
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Developer Keplerians Horror Games
Category games
Requirement Android 4.4 (KITKAT)

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