Drag Battle 2 Race Wars

Drag Battle 2 Race Wars

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Mod Features: Without advertisingDrag Battle 2 is a racing racing game with very realistic graphics. The game has a modification system and a custom painting system. Players can freely design their own vehicles in the Drag Battle 2 game. There are a variety of racing accessories for players to choose from. Different accessories can increase the performance of the car differently. Players need to add accessories selectively to make the car have a great driving feel while having strong performance. Game Highlights The feature of Drag Battle 2 is that there are hundreds of styles of racing cars in the game, and many high-profile racing cars need to be unlocked by completing corresponding tasks. When driving these cars, the player can switch the perspective to the first perspective, which is more realistic and has a stronger sense of substitution.
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Developer Ice Storm
Category games
Requirement Android 7.0 (N)

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