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Dodge Master! is a fun casual free game published by Rollic Games with the body dodge the bullets fired by the enemy as the background. In the game, the player plays the role of a master with no knowledge, faces the bullets fired by the enemy, dodges from multiple angles, and finally survives. If you want to experience the kind of dodge special effects in the movie Matrix, then choose Dodge Master! Game Highlights Dodge Master! is a mobile phone game that almost completely restores the Matrix neutron bullet dodging experience. In each level of the player, you will encounter bullets fired by the enemy from different angles. In order to avoid these bullets perfectly, the player needs to pose different characters. This kind of shape that can be achieved in reality, let the bullet pass by without causing any harm to itself. With the improvement of levels, the number of enemies and bullets in the game will gradually increase, which will make the game more and more complicated, and the poses that players can pose will become more and more weird. Featured Gameplay The gameplay of Dodge Master! is very challenging. Each level will show the trajectory of the bullet launched, and the player needs to adjust some key nodes to avoid the trajectory of the bullet. These nodes include joints, neck, limbs, cervical spine, lower back, etc. And so on, as if the player is in a three-dimensional action collection system. Players need to adjust these key nodes to put out actions that conform to human body functions and can avoid bullets, so as to avoid bullets shot by enemies in each level. In addition to avoiding bullets, players also need to kill the enemy. Compared to the fun of avoiding, the operation of killing the enemy is much simpler.
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Developer Twode Games
Category games
Requirement Android 8.0

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