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Mod Features: Enter the game to give a lot of money

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Mod Features: Enter the game to give a lot of moneyDNA Evolution 3D is a free mobile game of DNA element evolution theme action parkour launched by Saygames Ltd. Players play various roles in the game to collect rich and diverse natural elements in the level, strengthen their own DNA, and evolve into a strong person who is homogenous with natural elements, and win the battle against the boss at the bottom of the game. Dozens of natural elements such as ice, fire and lightning are provided in the game for players to unlock. Game Highlights DNA Evolution 3D, as a parkour mobile game representative of fashion pioneers in the past year, borrows to a certain extent from the fighting mobile game Heroes Inc! that we have introduced before. Both of them use natural elements as their selling point, allowing adventurers to take their own Combine with the natural elements to obtain the corresponding combat ability, and win in the final confrontation. The game provides a variety of basic characters and dozens of natural elements for players to open. Players will experience in the game in addition to single element heroes, combined element heroes with various unique charms. For example: flame + rock can shape lava form. Featured Gameplay The gameplay of DNA Evolution 3D follows the most basic and simple collection and cultivation in parkour games. Players strengthen their combat effectiveness by collecting target elements in the level. The upper left corner of each level has hints of elements that can be absorbed in the level. Players It can be collected according to personal preferences and used to add different natural element effects to your own flesh and blood. When the player touches other elements, it will reduce the degree of fusion between themselves and the elements, thereby greatly reducing the damage.
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