Cats Dogs 3D

Cats Dogs 3D

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Mod Features: ads removedCats & Dogs 3D is a casual puzzle game launched by the famous game company Lion Studios. The protagonist in the game is a snake-like animal, but his two heads are a cat and a dog. Players need to control this strange animal to complete various tasks set in the game. This game is really fun to play. Game Highlights The setting of Cats & Dogs 3D is very special. The character of the game is a snake with two heads, and the two heads are on both ends. The two heads are dog and cat. Dogs and cats have different personality characteristics and functions, so when completing tasks, players need to consider the characteristics of dogs and cats, and then use the different characteristics of the two animals to complete different tasks. Only in this way can the task be successfully completed, and then the player can obtain the corresponding reward. Players can use corresponding rewards to unlock different skins. Featured Gameplay Cats & Dogs 3D is a game with many interesting tasks. Players need to control a magical creature with cat head and dog head at the same time to complete various tasks. Some tasks can be accomplished with only the body of the creature, such as sending a football to the goal, or using oneself as a water pipe to extinguish the fire. Some tasks need to take into account the different attributes of dogs and cats. For example, first use a cat to complete a part of the task, and then use a dog to complete the remaining part of the task. The gameplay of this game is very interesting. Very suitable for players of all ages.
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Developer Lp Mobile Game
Category games
Requirement Android 5.1 (LOLLIPOP_MR1)

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