Boom Karts Multiplayer Kart Racing

Boom Karts Multiplayer Kart Racing

Size:137.24MB, Version:1.4.0

Modified Description

Mod Features: Unlock all vehicles, free advertising reward

App Description

Mod Features: Unlock all vehicles, free advertising rewardBoom Karts-Multiplayer Kart is an action racing game developed by the famous game developer Fingersoft. Although the gameplay is very similar to Beach Buggy Racing, the game has made great changes in the scene. The screen can be said to be a top-level configuration. The core gameplay is a racing game. Players need to compete with other opponents and strive for the first place to reach the end. Various props can be used to interfere with other players on the way. Game Highlights Although the gameplay of Boom Karts-Multiplayer Kart is not very new or very creative. But this game has spent a lot of effort in setting the scene. The game has many different scenes. The main background color of each scene is different. The difference is huge. This game is a 3d game. The main gameplay of the game is still kart racing. The main weapons in the game are bombs and missiles. The highlight of this game is the high-quality game screen quality. Featured Gameplay The Boom Karts-Multiplayer Kart gameplay is exactly the same as the Beach Buggy Racing gameplay. In the game, players drive their own karts to compete with other players. The goal of the game is to run to the finish line first. In the process of the game, Players can collect a variety of props. Some props can help players accelerate. Players can also use some props to interfere with other players. For example, using bombs to bomb the enemy. Or use missiles to attack the enemy. The fun of the game lies in the game. During the racing process, various confrontations with other players.
APK Info
Developer Fingersoft
Category games
Requirement Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)

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