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Mod Features: mod menuGod mode and 1 hit kill on Archero Mod (God mode) Archero is an action game full of fun. In this game, you played as the Lone Archer. What you need to do is that defeat the oncoming waves of evil. You just need shoot them and avoid the attack of the enemy in the game. However, most of players think this game is too diffcult for them. They always be defeated by the evil monsters. And the monster is hard to kill in the game. Archero Mod (God mode) will make this game easy for you. Download and install Archero Mod (God mode) on happymodpro. Archero Mod (God mode) is a mod with God mode and 1 hit kill. That means you never can be hurt by the evil monsters in the game. Your health is always be full and never lose blood. What's more, you can kill all the enemy in the game with 1 hit. You can kill the boss in the game with 1 hit. This mod make this game easy for you. You can get through the game in short time. Enjoy the game.
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Developer Habby
Category games
Requirement Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)

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