Animal Transform Race Epic Race 3D

Animal Transform Race Epic Race 3D

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Mod Features: Advertising gain reward

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Mod Features: Advertising gain rewardAnimal Transform Race is a fun parkour game with animal transformation theme launched by White Square Entertainment. In the game, players control various cute animals with different actions, running and competing on various random road conditions, and the player who reaches the finish line at the fastest speed can go to the next level. Abundant animals, diverse parkour methods, adaptable responses, and ever-changing level design bring players a brand-new gaming experience. Game Highlights Animal Transform Race is a fun parkour game that shows the characteristics of various types of animal racing. In the game, players prepare 5 kinds of animals: cheetah, elephant, shark, monkey and eagle. Each animal has its own unique characteristics. Cheetahs run the fastest on land, elephants can destroy any obstacles that prevent it from sneaking, sharks can move at high speed in water, monkeys are good at climbing over walls, and eagles are the only ones. Animals soaring in the sky. With the help of these animals, players will travel at extreme speed on the ever-changing runway of the level, engage in fierce confrontations with other opponents, and win the championship of the level. Featured Gameplay The gameplay of Animal Transform Race is simple and fun. All players have to do is to switch between different animals during the level. Each animal runs on its own in the level. In order to win, the player can choose the corresponding animal on different roads. At the same time, it can also use the gold coins to increase the animal’s own forward speed. Get faster speed. Of course, be careful to encounter some embarrassing problems, such as choosing sharks on the ground, leopards that are blocked and unable to move forward, and so on.
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Developer White Square Entertainment
Category games
Requirement Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)

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