Sneak Out 3D

Sneak Out 3D

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Mod Features: Quiet! We sneak out!

App Description

Mod Features: Quiet! We sneak out!Sneak Out 3D is a sneak-themed action casual free game launched by the game company MondayOFF. Players carefully absconded in the game, with the help of quiet scenes and dark environments, crossing various obstacles, reaching the end and escaping the level. The cute stickman shape, the bright red and blue colors, the simple and realistic scene construction, and the rich and diverse level design bring players a relaxing and casual gaming experience. Game Highlights Sneak Out 3D is a fun action mobile game that hides and seeks in the dark. The sound the player makes while sneaking will attract enemies to attack. In order to reach the level safely, the player needs to carefully avoid the enemy’s pursuit, and at the same time use various Various means to hide and protect yourself, after surviving the level, reach the bottom of the level to win. As the level progresses, players must not only avoid patrolling enemies, but also be careful about the props that make noises on the way forward, and even level settings with maze elements. Featured Gameplay The gameplay of Sneak Out 3D is relatively simple. Players move their cute stickman character by tapping the screen. The light blue halo around the character is the sounding area during walking. On the one hand, players need to avoid the enemy entering the sounding area as much as possible to obtain their own information and hunt down; on the other hand, they also need to avoid items that are prone to loud noises such as branches on the ground to reduce the potential danger caused by being discovered by the enemy. ; At the same time, it is also very important to find a way to the bottom of the complex in complex levels.
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Developer Mondayoff
Category games
Requirement Android 7.0 (N)

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