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Perfect Time

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Mod Features: Enter the game to give a lot of prompts

App Description

Mod Features: Enter the game to give a lot of promptsPerfect Time is a fun puzzle free mobile game launched by MOONEE PUBLISHING LTD to enhance players' concentration. Players will encounter many levels with different content in the game. Without exception, players need to spend a lot of concentration and dedicate themselves to pass the levels, gain the pleasure of the game, and achieve a perfect game experience. Game Highlights Perfect Time can be regarded as a casual mobile game that is completely used to kill time. The levels in the game are beautifully crafted and the experience is exquisite. Although the content of each level is completely different, there is only one commendable common point. It just requires a great deal of concentration to complete it. Whether it is to control the ball to dodge the circle in the track, or to let the swaying pendulum swing back and forth between the rotating obstacles, it requires the player to spend a lot of patience, time and concentration. It is very good for training the player's attention. Featured Gameplay The gameplay of Perfect Time is very rich. Whether it is to let the ball drop or the pendulum needle sway, it requires a long time of observation and patience and concentration, and the timing of the matter can be selected to achieve the clearance conditions. Although the gameplay of each level is completely different, the ball or needle that the player manipulates requires three successes to qualify for the level. Rich and diverse level settings, on the one hand, allow players to get a brand-new pleasure in different scenarios, and on the other hand, with its unique charm, kill players' leisure time.
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Developer Recreations Lab
Category games
Requirement Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)

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