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I am Bob

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Mod Features: Play some levelComics Bob is a free mobile game launched by Saygames. The player plays the role of a caveman Bob in the prehistoric era, and embarks on an exciting adventure in primitive society with her lovely girlfriend. Dangerous traps, huge prehistoric dinosaurs, and beautiful and romantic love stories, all kinds of plots are waiting for players to explore. If you have ever experienced works such as Rescue Miss Sister, Famous Detective Lao Wang, etc., then you will definitely not be unfamiliar with Comics Bob. Game Highlights Comics Bob is a fun two-choice puzzle mobile game based on the daily life of primitive people in prehistoric times. The player plays the role of the primitive Bob and starts his life in the rich prehistoric world. Here you will encounter various dangerous traps. You need to solve the survival problem, avoid hunting by the ancient Tyrannosaurus, and find the other in your own life. half. All kinds of strange and difficult situations will appear in front of players, requiring players to choose one of two ways to realize their value. Featured Gameplay Comics Bob's gameplay is simple but endlessly fun. The standard two-choice gameplay looks very simple, but because of the various interactions in the story, it influences the player's choice. The right choice will help the player to go to the next scene, while the wrong choice may directly push the player to hell. Of course, in order to experience richer game content, I believe many players will be willing to continue.
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Developer Icon Games
Category games
Requirement Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)

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